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The Honda Lineup

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Honda's road to excellence is built on phenomenal work ethic and meticulous development. Honda does not ignore details, no matter how small they are. Every element on a Honda is tested and refined, from the way a car door closes to how rocks hit the under tray. This attention to detail rivals any car company on earth. Unlike their stuffy rivals, however, Honda goes about their work with a friendly attitude and good cheer. This is the Honda difference philosophically. Would you like to know more about what makes the cars so amazing?



Honda does not build dull, laggard cars. Honda builds cars that offer generous acceleration and passing power, and Honda even offers performance-oriented versions of its own vehicles such as the Honda Civic Si and Honda Civic Type R. Across the lineup, Honda has taken its legendary reputation in and knowledge of motorsports and applied it to their everyday vehicles.


Ever wonder why Honda vehicles get such great reliability ratings? It's because they never break down. Everything about the Honda model lineup is an expression of Honda's fastidious work. All of Honda's vehicles are well graded in terms of reliability. There is no weak link in Honda's chain when it comes to durability. In terms of quality, Honda produces simple but refined vehicles that get the details right. Infotainment and tech works as expected, when expected. The car will always start and work the way it's intended to work. Honda's quality has never been in doubt.


Honda offers technology and quality that match, or better, their higher priced competitors. It is no wonder Honda has such incredible re-sale values. Honda is not only less expensive than many of its well-heeled rivals, it holds value better, too. Excellent gas mileage and fewer breakdowns mean fewer unnecessary expenses, as well. You can get all of the car without the maintenance headaches. Honda also offers excellent warranties to ensure you're protected in the rare case something does go wrong.

With a wide ranging model lineup that is sure to fit whatever needs you have, now is the time to contact your local Honda dealer. Get some information, find out about pricing and learn more about the exceptional Honda model lineup. Contact your dealer to set up a test drive today!