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Important Differences Between Towing and Payload Capacity

When you have a truck, it's important to know how much weight it can carry and how much weight it can tow. At Economy Honda Superstore, we can explain the differences between towing and payload capacity and help you understand your options.

The amount of weight that can be placed in the cab and bed of a truck is its payload capacity. This number tends to be less than the towing rating, and confusing the two can lead to damage to the chassis, suspension, and frame of your truck. 

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How to Test Your Car's Battery

Without a car battery, a vehicle simply won't start. It is the device which provides the initial spark which allows your vehicle to fire up. That is why our team here at Economy Honda Superstore want to ensure that you know how to properly test your car battery.

First, make sure the car is completely off as well as any of the lights. Next, use a voltmeter to read the voltage of the car by connecting the positive end to the positive terminal and the negative end to the negative terminal. 

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Why Use a Clay Bar When Detailing?

One of the ways that people care about their car is through detailing. However, there is one tool that is super effective at detailing. It is the clay bar. There are quite a few advantages to using the clay bar when detailing a vehicle. Otherwise, there would be no use for them.

In the life of a vehicle, it is constantly getting exposed to different elements and collects contaminants. Washing the vehicle is not going to get rid of all of the contaminants. However, using a clay bar can take care of the issue. 

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How to Stay Focused While Driving

You should do all that you can to focus on what you are doing when you are driving. The team at Economy Honda Superstore wants you to be safe each time that you get out on the road. Today, we hope to share some tips with you that can help you to cruise safely on the streets of Chattanooga and beyond.

When you are looking to stay focused on your driving, avoid the distraction that a cellphone can bring into the car. Only use your phone while in emergency situations and do not touch it otherwise. 

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A Vehicle History Report Can Help With Your Used Car Search

Are you shopping for a used vehicle that will fit your budget, but will still be reliable? Stop down to Economy Honda Superstore today. We can run a vehicle history report on any of the vehicles that are currently on our lot, to give you a good picture of each vehicle you are interested in. Not sure what a vehicle history report is? Let's look at some of the information that can be found on this report:

  • Accident history of the vehicle
  • Maintenance history for a vehicle
  • Current liens on the vehicle 
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A Hatchback Might be Right for You - View Our New Inventory Today!

Shopping for a vehicle requires making a lot of important decisions. To make sure you're putting your money into something that you'll be happy to drive, you have to do your research. Anyone who wants something a bit unique with a lot of cargo space can consider hatchbacks.

The cargo room they have to offer is significantly greater than that of sedans and fairly comparable to that of compact SUVs. When you fold the rear seats down, you can load a variety of things in the back, including otherwise awkward items. 

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How To Get Ready For a Test Drive

Taking a vehicle for a test drive is the ultimate way to judge its quality. Before you hit the road, operate the blinkers, wiper blades, and lights. Give yourself a general overview of the dashboard and gears.

Once you are ready to hit the road, take some time to travel up to speed on a freeway. How does the car handle? After that, drive slow, and stop and start the car. Park in a parking lot, and drive backwards too.

Note subtle things about the car's maneuvering and braking. Is it firm or sloppy? Are there any noises or…

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What You Need to Know About Your Transmission

Keeping your vehicle's transmission is optimal shape is recommended to ensure that your car runs smoothly. Routine transmission services are important because they replace transmission fluid that is needed to lubricate and cool your transmission. To learn more about your transmission, please read further.

How often should you have your transmission serviced? This depends on the manufacturer's recommendation. With some cars, manufacturers will suggest the transmission should be served based on mileage intervals or time intervals. 

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Common Signs That Your Tires Need to be Replaced

Good tire maintenance is important since they’re responsible for keeping you safely on the road. Poor tread, insufficient pressure and unbalanced tires can all cause problems. Stop by our Honda service shop in Chattanooga, TN and let us check your tires and advise you on what may or may not be needed.

Tires can be expensive, so we generally don’t want to replace them until it’s absolutely necessary. Do you know when it’s time to replace your tires? Here are some signs that your tires are bad:

  • Tread wear – doesn’t pass the penny test
  • Failure…
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What Motor Oil Viscosity Ratings Tell You

The motor oil that goes into your vehicle may be different than what’s required for other vehicles. It’s all identified by viscosity, which is the fluid’s resistance to flow. There are two numbers in motor oil. The one before the "W" is the grade equivalent when the oil’s viscosity is at room temperature. The number after the "W" is the equivalent grade oil when the viscosity is at 100 degrees Celsius.

Motor oil thins out when it gets hot and thickens when it cools. You have to choose the correct motor oil for your vehicle based…

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