Meet or Beat Any Price

Economy Honda wants to give you the most competitive deal available on your next vehicle, and we will meet or beat any other dealer’s offer. Visit us with proof of an advertised price with the same MSRP and model in their inventory. We accept any print ad or online ad, including a viewable document on your mobile device.

Terms and Conditions

  • Competitor offer cannot be expired, must be current.
  • You must pay for equipment that was not installed by the factory.
  • You must qualify for incentives.
  • Eligible incentives will be verified by ZIP Code-specific FMC VIN look-up.
  • Tags, taxes and dealer fees are additional.

Excluded Vehicles

  • Catastrophe Damaged (Hail, Flood, Etc.)
  • Demos
  • Event / Auto Show Units
  • Invoice Credited Units
  • Specialty Vehicles
  • VIN Exclusive

Only on New, In-Stock Vehicles

We will meet or beat any price for new vehicles that are currently in another dealership’s inventory. The other Honda dealership must be located within 50 miles of our dealership. This is because of regional and state differences in available manufacturer incentives. Vehicles that are ineligible for our meet-or-beat price offer include demonstration vehicles, those that are advertised as having only one of its kind in stock and damaged vehicles.

A Matching MSRP

Qualified vehicles are those of the same model and manufacturer’s suggested retail price, or MSRP. The guarantee allows for adjustments to the final vehicle price based on equipment differences. We want to give you the best price on a vehicle that has all of the equipment you prefer to have.

No Bundled Offer Matches

Some dealerships offer special pricing when you buy a vehicle and use the dealership’s in-house financing. This and other types of bundled offers are ineligible for our meet-or-beat pricing offer. Because of this, we must view the full disclosure or the fine print on the offer.

What are Advertised Prices?

Only advertised prices are eligible for the meet-or-beat pricing offer. Advertised prices are defined as those printed in the dealership’s public ads. This includes newspaper ads, Internet offers and other similar types of advertisements. You can also simply pull up the offer on your smartphone for us to review. We do not make you jump through hoops to take advantage of our offer.

At Economy Honda, we want you to give an amazing deal on the Honda that you are interested in. When you choose us as your dealership, you can expect friendly service and an overall great experience. Stop by or call the dealership today to learn more about our vehicles and pricing.