The Honda Civic is much more humble than you'd expect of a vehicle that's so iconic. It is one the most recognizable on the streets of Chattanooga, in driveways or parked curbside in front of buildings worldwide. What makes the Honda Civic stand out at the curb and on the road? Here's why.

Big, Bold, Bright Headlights

The Honda Civic combines aesthetic bells and whistles with practical, trend-forward technologies. It has LED headlights with auto on/off. LED is our Economy Honda Superstore team's preferred lighting. It's brighter than halogen, lasts longer and uses less energy. With the on/off feature activated, the headlights turn off after a certain amount of time, thanks to a timer.

Streamlined, Angular Body

Zip over highways, country roads and city streets in the Honda Civic's new streamlined, angular body. It boasts a silhouette optimized for reduced drag, better acceleration and fuel economy. Plus, its sloped hood, low-set front and lowered back give the Honda Civic's exterior a refreshing hint of sportiness.


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