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More Safety with Honda and the Augmented Reality HUD

There's always something new to look forward to from our favorite Japanese automaker and, recently, two patents they filed for have gotten us very excited! Both of these patents make use of an augmented reality heads-up display - also known as a HUD - to allow you to see things that you wouldn't otherwise be able to.

The first patent is all about pedestrian safety and, with the use of the HUD, you'd be able to see multiple pedestrians' locations around your vehicle. It would even allow you to see any people that were in your blind spots or even those obscured by objects! You'll be more than prepared to react to them if and when they come close to your vehicle.

The second patent is for vehicle communication, allowing you to essentially "see through" the vehicle in front of you to the one in front of that. This would allow you to be prepared for any sudden stops that may be happening in front of you, keeping you and those around you safer.

While we wait to learn more about this tech and what new Honda models they may be used in, we welcome you to stay tuned to the blog for more car news in the future.

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