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Above and Beyond

We are very impressed by your willingness to go above and beyond what other dealership did by trying to make the deal work for us. It was noticed and appreciated immensely.
-Jeff S. Madisonville, TN

Build lasting cars!

Just wanted you guys at Honda to know that today my son got his driver's license and took our 1992 Honda Accord out for his first solo drive, the same car we used to bring him home from the hospital almost 17 years ago. Way to build lasting cars!
-Chris W., Chattanooga, TN


I wouldn't go anywhere else for service. Economy Honda's Service Department always does a great job and the entire staff is a pleasure to do business with.
-Kevin W., Ringgold, GA

You actually listened!

Natasha...You are the first sales rep that actually listened and brought me something like what I asked for instead of what they wanted to sell me!
-Cathy, Tennessee

Out sold my local dealership

I've enjoyed working with you today. Your customer service out sold my local dealership today!
-Michelle C., Franklin, TN

More enjoyable

I would really like to thank you for all the time that you spent helping me. i really enjoyed working with you on helping me find exactly what I was looking for. You helped to make this whole car buying experience a little more enjoyable for me. Again, thank you!
-Brittany H., Chattanooga, TN

Friendly personality

Thank you for your service and friendly presence. I think you were very genuine in your friendly personality. Thank you for making us feel comfortable while dealing at Economy Honda. We have nothing but high marks for you and Economy Honda.

We love the new Honda! So do our girls. Our teen is in here first year of high school and is pleased with her families, as she puts it, "sweet new ride!" our youngest fave it full approval as well. Again, thank you for your service in our purchase. We are very pleased.

-Robbie C., Chattanooga, TN

Never forget your kindness!

In the past 3 months we have had two vehicles go completely down. As you could imagine we could not afford another. We were not sure what we would have been able to do. We had to have family chauffeur us around and as I'm sure you understand it has been quite difficult. My mother in law contacted the GM of Economy Honda about trying to help us and they definitely did that. They got us into a WONDERFUL pre-owned vehicle for less than the asking price and made sure that we were able to get out the door quickly despite the issues we had with the previous owners of the non-running car we traded in.

We will never forget the kindness professionalism and courtesy your entire staff showed us. We truly enjoyed ringing the customer satisfaction bell and look forward to the day that we can do it again. If anyone asks us where they should go for their next vehicle it will definitely be Economy Honda.

Thank you again for everything and the GM should be extremely proud of the staff working under you!

-Lori M., Chattanooga, TN

Truly delighted

I wanted to take a moment to personally thank you for your professionalism and diligence in working with me to ensure the completion of the purchase of our 2010 Honda Crosstour.
While I truly delighted with this car and quite appreciative of the purchase price that we negotiated; your responsiveness and persistence throughout this entire process is certainly noteworthy, as well. As much as anything, I genuinely appreciate the positive, customer-focused approach that you exhibited in each of our interactions.
I am very pleased with this new car and I will look to you and your team at Economy Honda in the evaluation of my future purchases and recommendation to my colleagues, as well.
Please know that you can indeed count on me as a positive reference for Economy Honda - because of folks like you and Jeff Newell.

-Jonathan L. Soddy Daisy, TN

Outstanding Service

Outstanding service throughout my experience. Monta, Chris and Charles were very courteous. Our drive from Madison, AL to your dealership was worth every mile that we took. Mr. Harris was kind enough to stay with us until we left after our Finance gentleman helped us with all the paperwork which was well after 8 pm. Thank you.
-Ghassen A., Madison, AL

Easy going, pleasant sales person

I recently purchased a Ridgeline from John Carlisle. I hate to get a vehicle due to the overzealous sales people on the lot. Not so much with John. I wanted to let you know he was a very easy going, pleasant sales person to deal with. I felt no pressure from him but rather good advice and easy going personality. He was very thorough in the truck I purchased. I even mentioned him to my neighbor who was looking for a car and ended up going to him and, as well, purchased an Accord with the same results.
I usually don't write these about sales people but wanted to let you know you have got a good one!!!

-Jeff H., Chattanooga, TN

Extra Effort is appreciated

Being a car dealer I'm sure you hear more complaints than you do compliments.

I wanted to tell you a story about a great job and the extra effort Retchie Lopez did for me on Friday the 13th, 2009.  Yes, it was your stereotypical "unlucky day".

I left Atlanta on Friday the 13th heading to a funeral in Kentucky on Sat. 2/14.  Traveling north on I-75 just outside Chattanooga in heavy traffic I ran over a large ladder in the middle of the freeway.  I was pinned between two semi trucks and could not avoid it.

The ladder flipped up and did damage to my right front bumper and wheel well.  I pulled over on the freeway shoulder and discovered the bumper was hanging off and  the wheel well was detached and riding on my right front wheel.  What was I going to do?  I own a 2008 Honda Accord with the navigation system.  After searching the data files for the nearest Honda dealer the navigation system automatically directed me easily to Economy Honda.

This  as late on Friday afternoon and your express service department was busy with customer pickups.  I was greeted promptly by Retchie and after seeing the damage and hearing my dilemma,he said he would personally take care of the problem immediately.  In less than 30 minutes your technicians and Retchie had secured the damaged bumper and reattached the damaged wheel well  securely so that I could safely finish my trip and Retchie said there was no charge.  In addition he washed my car.

I am back in Atlanta this morning and wanted to drop you a note and say Thank You.  Your extra effort and excellent customer service is something that should be shared with your customers if you choose.  You guys are really running a great dealership and Retchie is a true professional.

Oh by the way...I travel all over the country teaching sales reps at tv stations how to better serve their customers.  I think I will teach them a lesson about "giving" something extra as demonstrated from Retchie and the Express Honda Team.

-Jarrett M., Atlanta, GA

Wrong into a right

My husband and I purchased our vehicle at Economy Honda and have had the last two vehicles serviced at the same location. Our first purchase was a used Odyssey van. We were trading in another Odyssey. The sales person, who is no longer at the dealership, showed the van to us while the van was in the line to be cleaned. The sale went badly in delivery but yet we still followed through with the purchase. At the beginning of this year, we realized with 2 sons approaching driving age within a year, a van was not good. So, we began our search for an appropriate car to share.

We found out that the van had been wrecked before we purchased it. You can imagine our surprise in finding this out. We immediately went to Corey, the General Manager, and told him our story.
Once we figured out why we were not told about it being wrecked (the van had just been traded in and placed in the clean up line, therefore the CarFax report was not placed in the van yet) Corey said that he would make it right. He immediately got us with a wonderful salesman by the name of Sean Kimbrough. He did a great job of showing us what we were looking for and worked with Corey in getting the pricing and financing in order. He also did a great job in making sure the vehicle was delivered to us in excellent condition.

Jeremy Holsomback did a wonderful job in getting us through the finance end of the deal while Corey followed through with his word in "making things right".

We wanted to share this story with you because we understand that things like this can and will happen. However, a lot of times, they are not made right. That is where this praise comes in; it was made right by those listed above and they deserve the praise!

-Shantel B., Chattanooga, TN

Best Experience

I will definitely refer and make any future purchase with you because I by far had the best experience with your staff.
-David J., Pennsylvania

You get a lot more than just a car!

This is my first Honda but won't be my last. I bought the car for price, gas mileage, to meet my needs and the courtesy of your salesman (Jonathan Shattuck) and the rest of the staff. Some dealers you buy a car and they forget about you but not Economy Honda.

They call and I get e-mails. They want you to be happy and satisfied. When you buy a Honda it is like getting the whole Honda staff with it. My money is hard to come by so when I invest in a car I like to know that the dealership and staff will stand behind their product--walk their talk and the Honda dealership staff does just that.

All the staff where I bought my car are very customer focused...thanks everyone!
-Ruth F., Harrison, TN

Loving our Element!!!

I purchased a vehicle from Economy Honda this past Saturday and just wanted to thank Monte, Sean, Amanda and Paul for helping me. Monte went beyond my expectations in order for me to purchase a vehicle and I was extremely pleased with everyone's help.

Thanks again and I will purchase every vehicle from here on out with you. We are loving our Element!!!

-Frankie Q., Cleveland, TN

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