Chattanooga drivers are all talking about the latest popular subcompact hatchback: the 2020 Honda Fit. One of the things that's most notable to mention about the 2020 Honda Fit is that it comes with an excellent selection of technology features.

You can stay connected at all times with the Fit's sleek and modern touchscreen. This touchscreen allows you to control audio, navigation, the rearview camera, and more. You can even use it to activate a lane watch feature that helps you keep an eye on the roads all around you and before you merge.

And when it comes to sensing potential safety hazards, the Honda Fit is up for the challenge. The Fit comes with multiple safety sensor technologies, including sensors that help you figure out if you cross over lane lines and sensors to help you avoid a collision. Come down to the dealership today to take a test drive of one of our 2020 Honda Fit hatchbacks.


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