Now more than ever, people want their vehicles to be jacks of all trades. You want your SUV to be able to take your family around Chattanooga during the week and then take you on the trails on the weekend. Honda understands this and that is why they have made the new Passport midsize SUV incredibly versatile.

Honda opted to fit a torque-vectoring AWD system to the Passport so it can perform well when it detects slippage, but also be comfortable and stable in dry conditions. Honda also made sure the Passport has plenty of power to get you out of certain scary driving situations. It comes with a 3.5L V6 engine that packs 280 ponies under the hood.

Here at Economy Honda Superstore, we want you to absolutely love the vehicle you are getting. We encourage you to take the Passport for a test drive so you can feel first hand how easy it is to control.


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