The winter season can provide plenty of fun outdoor activities, but it can also bring many hazardous driving conditions in its wake. Because of this, it is important for drivers to prepare their cars for such winter conditions in Chattanooga, TN. In particular, electrical and battery systems often require special attention.

Batteries do many important jobs for vehicles and their occupants. They can help to energize internal devices and they also ensure smooth motor operation. Even though most batteries are durably made, they are still subject to slow deterioration over time. The good news is that drivers who perform basic checks on their batteries before poor weather rolls in can give themselves extra piece of mind.

One quick check that most drivers can do is a visual battery check. You can carefully inspect battery poles, connections, and even fluid levels. If you notice corrosion, rust, or fluid discharge, we urge you to take steps to replace such batteries.

Drivers can also keep ongoing tabs on their vehicle performance levels, as poor engine operation may point to battery issues. Possible issues to look out for include constant backfiring, slow cranking, and hard starting. Also, vehicle operators who notice their headlights weakening should give their batteries second looks.


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