Android Auto Overview

Want to get the most of your daily drive? Then you should be connecting to Android Auto. This software has been around for five years now, ever since Google unveiled it at their I/O in 2014. The world is moving quickly towards a more tech-connected future. Nothing is more true than that with the abilities you have to change the way you drive through technology. You can connect to Android Auto and have access to millions of songs, texts, calls, and all of your other apps.

You should take advantage of Google Assistant while you drive to set reminders, do errands, and take care of music you want to play. It also allows you to go completely voice-enabled, so you can tell your phone to call people to text people, right into your car’s speaker. It will automatically sync up with your Android Auto.

You can access all of your apps and automatically sync up to music, messaging, radio, news, weather, stocks, and more. Drive yourself into the future with a new vehicle and Android Auto. Check it out at Economy Honda Superstore.



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