For their entire life, you have done all you can to keep your teen safe. Now that it's time to choose their first car, this goal of safety is especially important. When you're not with them, you will be entirely depending on your teen's car to keep them safe as they navigate the busy roads. At Economy Honda Superstore, we want you to make the best choice for your teen, so we offer these tips to help in your car-buying process.

In all cases, high-horsepower vehicles should be avoided. They may be tempting for those teens who want to impress their friends, but this potential for speed will most likely be realized, significantly increasing the risk of a major accident. A feature that should be on the vehicle you purchase, however, is electronic stability control, or ESC. ESC helps your teen maintain control of their car, providing much-needed assistance in dangerous driving conditions.

At our dealership, we stock plenty of great options for your teen's first car. Stop by and allow us to assist you as you seek the vehicle that's right for your teen.



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