What's Involved in the Windshield Chip Repair Process?

Stones and debris that fly up from the road can cause chips in your windshield. Left unattended, they can develop into larger cracks that compromise your windshield's integrity. Many of our Economy Honda Superstore customers asking for windshield chip repair are delighted to discover that in most cases, windshield chip repairs don't require replacement of the entire windshield.

Our service department repairs windshield chips by injecting the area with a liquid resin that bonds to the chip in order to strengthen it and keep it from spreading. It's much less expensive than replacing the entire glass. This technology forces air out of the damaged glass, replacing it with a strong resin. Although a small scar or mark may still be noticeable around the chip outline, your windshield is strong and sturdy once again.

If you notice a windshield chip, don't delay in bringing it into our service department for quick, affordable repair.



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