At Economy Honda Superstore, we make an effort to keep readers aware of any potential risks to their vehicles. A car is a major expense, and we want to help readers protect that purchase. Rodents can cause damage to your vehicle by chewing through wires, hoses and other important components. We have even found acorns in engine intakes before. It's important that you take steps to deter rodents from getting inside your car.

You can use ultrasound alarms to deter rodents from your car. The sound is very unpleasant on the ears of rodents. Don't keep food like bird feeders, pet food and trash cans near your vehicle. It can attract critters that may decide to investigate your car next. Other things you can do to keep rodents away from your car is installing mesh around important openings, dabbing peppermint oil on the engine and using rodent-deterring tape.

Taking steps to keep rodents away from your car will help prevent damage rodents can cause to a vehicle. If your vehicle is already in need of service, you can visit our Honda service center for repairs, which may be covered by comprehensive insurance.



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