Brake Fluid: What is it and What Does it do?

Brake fluid is also called hydraulic fluid, and it is an important substance that aids in the overall function of your braking system. It is housed in the brake lines and needs to be drained and replaced to ensure your brakes work properly. When your vehicle doesn't have enough brake fluid, your vehicle won't be able to stop when you use the brake pedal. Read our content below to learn more about brake fluid.

Brake fluid is manufactured with a glycol base or a silicone base. Glycol-based brake fluid is usually manufactured for vehicles with Anti-lock Brake Systems (ABS). If your vehicle doesn't come equipped with ABS technology, it will more than likely need a brake fluid with a silicone base. Because every vehicle has different maintenance needs, it is a good idea to read your owner's manual to see when your vehicle's brake fluid needs to be changed. In addition, you can also speak with one of our service mechanics if you need to know how often it should be changed.

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