How To Get Ready For a Test Drive

Taking a vehicle for a test drive is the ultimate way to judge its quality. Before you hit the road, operate the blinkers, wiper blades, and lights. Give yourself a general overview of the dashboard and gears.

Once you are ready to hit the road, take some time to travel up to speed on a freeway. How does the car handle? After that, drive slow, and stop and start the car. Park in a parking lot, and drive backwards too.

Note subtle things about the car's maneuvering and braking. Is it firm or sloppy? Are there any noises or rattles coming from the engine? Sit in the back seats and open all the cargo spaces. Test the technology, navigation systems, and ask about any safety features the auto has. If you are ready to test drive some used cars, visit our showroom at Economy Honda Superstore. We will get you on the road today.



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