Important Things to Check Before Your Next Road Trip

Depending on your readiness, a road trip can either be extremely fun or a total nightmare. It all goes back to car proper car maintenance and checkup just before the trip. Therefore, before you set off, you will want to be a hundred percent sure that your car is up to the challenge. By doing so, you will prevent expensive repairs and annoying headaches on the road. The service team here at Economy Honda Superstore suggests that you check the following things before your journey.

  • Battery check - If your car has a problem starting, you may need to replace the battery. If the battery is okay, make sure the terminals are clean.
  • Brake check - If your brakes are somewhat squeaky, you should consider changing them. Check the brake pads to make sure that they have 1/4 inch of padding or more.
  • Tire check - Ensure that the tires are in excellent condition and have sufficient tread. If the tire walls are damaged, you should consider a replacement. Also, have a spare tire in place.
  • Electricals check - Examine to make sure that the headlights, blinkers and brake lights are in good condition.

For a complete car check, pass by our Chattanooga Honda service center to learn more!

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