Synthetic Oil: Is it Necessary?

Oil changes are probably the most inexpensive maintenance we do on our vehicles, despite having to do them several times a year. Suddenly, you’re told your vehicle needs synthetic oil and you’re wondering if it’s really necessary. The answer is yes, it is necessary if it’s what the car manufacturer recommends. At Economy Honda Superstore, we will also advise you honestly and provide the oil that meets the needs of your car.

What is synthetic oil and why is it recommended? Synthetic oil is a special blend of oil that does the following:

  • Keeps engine cleaner
  • Makes vehicle perform better
  • Gives better gas mileage
  • Protects engine for excess wear and tear

If your vehicle manual indicates your car needs synthetic oil, it’s beneficial to use synthetic oil. Stop in at our Honda service shop in Chattanooga, TN and check out our huge selection of synthetic oils or schedule an oil change with us.

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