Do You Need Fan Spacers?

Many different cooling system parts must work together to keep your engine temperatures down and your motor running. One of the most important of these parts is your cooling system fan. This part keeps cool air flowing over your radiator and your motor, and this effect is most pronounced when your vehicle is sitting at rest.

In order for your fan to get the most out of its blades, it needs to sit at the proper distance from the radiator, the fan shroud, and the engine itself. Sometimes stock or replacement fans are located too far from or too close to the engine or radiator. To solve this issue, designers came up with fan spacers. These simple pieces of technology sit between your fan shaft and the motor itself, and they allow your fan blades to maximize their cooling efforts.

Fan spacers can be easy to overlook, but here at Economy Honda Superstore, our certified technicians have a lot of experience dealing with spacers and other issues. To experience the power of an in-depth cooling system tune-up, visit our Chattanooga, TN location today for a no-obligation meeting.

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