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Economy Honda Superstore's automotive expertise is a product of our sustained interest in industry trends and characteristics. We are privileged to share the latest news, promotions and events with you and hope the information will enhance your shopping experience. As you know, there are many new cars from which to choose, and we believe an informed customer is the best customer. let  us know your thoughts  and any news as well.

One Automaker Leads In Sales Percentage For 2013

As July draws to a close, one automaker topped all mainstream automakers in percentage of sales to retail buyers during the first five months of 2013.

Don't take a guess ? just keep on reading to find out which one that is.

Honda topped all mainstream automakers in percentage of sales to retail buyers during the first five months of 2013, with more than 98 percent1 of the brand's auto sales in the U.S. sold to individual (non-fleet) consumers, based on new-vehicle registration data from R.L. Polk & Co. With a strong focus on providing long-term value and low cost of ownership to its customers, the Honda brand has increased sales by 6.5 percent in 2013 with 668,597 Honda cars and light trucks finding new homes through the end of June.

Honda's four best-selling models, Accord, Civic, CR-V and Odyssey, lead their respective segments2 in sales to retail consumers. Together, these segments represent more than 50 percent of all light-duty Vehicle sales in the United States.

"We're earning our sales growth on the strength of our products and the value they deliver to individual car buyers," said John Mendel, executive vice president of sales for American Honda Motor Co., Inc. "Our strategy is unique among volume automakers, as we are focused on selling vehicles to individual car buyers and not corporate sales to fleets, which is why Honda vehicles have among the lowest cost of ownership and highest resale values in the industry."

In the highly competitive mid-size segment, where Accord leads retail sales, many high-volume entrants have sold in excess of 30 percent1 of their vehicles to fleet customers thus far in 2013 while over 98 percent1 of Accords were sold to individuals (non-fleet). The 2013 Accord is the most-awarded3 mid-size car when it comes to value.

"Honda continues to deliver on the promise that made them the Residual Value Award recipient for 2013," said Eric Lyman, vice president of Editorial for ALG. "Honda keeps incentives and fleet penetration low ? two actions that heavily impact future values. With high volume models like Accord and CR-V at the top of their respective segments, Hondas hold their value better than any other brand."
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Economy Honda Delivers the
Five-Star Treatment Chattanooga dealership makes Honda Financial Services (HFS) part of its VIP process.
The sales team at Economy Honda Superstore in Chattanooga,Tennessee, has one overriding goal. "We always try to deliver the Wow factor," Store leadership says. When you take a look at the dealership's processes and the results they deliver, Wow! is a natural reaction. Economy Honda typically sees a closing rate of over 40 percent from its fine-tuned appointment selling process. Those are great results for any dealer, particularly with 50-60 "VIP appointments" on a typical Saturday.

Multiple Award Winner
"HFS is a huge part of our success," management says. "With every
new car and every Honda Certified Used Car, we give HFS first look at financing the vehicle, no matter what."
Economy Honda: from left to right: Brett Karstens, Dealer Relations Manager, Denise Dickson, Finance Manager, Jeremy Holsomback, Finance Director, Steve Hadden, Finance Manager, General Manager, Jeff L. Williams, Regional Manager, Monta Burney, Sales Manager, and Jeremy Newberry, Sales Manager
"Their management has always been 100 percent supportive ofus. We appreciate being their first choice," says Brett Karstens, American Honda Finance Corporation (AHFC) dealer relations manager. "We're supportive of them because they're supportive of us." That dedication has led Economy Honda to win eight consecutive Council of Excellence (COE) awards. It's one of only five dealerships to win the honor so many times.

A Five-Star Experience
Excellence is part of the dealership's business model. "We
have what we call a 'VIP customer process.' Ninety-nine percent of our customers come from the Internet. So when they contact us online or on the phone, we have an agent who
sets up VIP appointments," management says. The appointment lives up to its billing. "I'm looking to treat my customers as if they've come to a five-star restaurant or hotel," management says. "We're going to know their name before they've arrived, and give them a Wow experience." When these customers arrive at the dealership, they find VIP parking waiting for them. They're greeted by their appointed sales associate, who introduces them to the sales manager.

"We always greet them and thank them for coming in. That
way, when it comes time to present numbers, they're not
getting the numbers from the man behind the glass. They're
getting them from someone they've met." If the customer has come to see a specific vehicle, it's thoroughly cleaned, parked, and waiting just outside the showroom door with the heat or air-conditioning running to suit the weather conditions.
Succeeding with Honda Certified Used-car buyers get the same VIP treatment. Nearly 600 of the used vehicles sold at Economy Honda in 2009 were Honda Certified. The dealership obtains many of its used vehicles from the Vehicle Inter-Dealer Purchase System (VIPS), which gives Honda dealers a way to bid competitively for end-of-term vehicles and complete the transaction without having to leave their dealerships.

"We certify every car that is certifiable. As a dealer, it's crazy
not to," management says. "With a Honda Certified Used Car, the
customer will be coming back to me for service and warranty

Honda Care Builds Service Loyalty
Another way to bring customers back is by offering them
Honda Care Vehicle Service Contracts (VSCs). "We make
sure we present customers with the opportunity to buy
Honda Care and show them the Service Payment Plan (SPP)
option. We make the customer understand the benefits.
$20-$30 per month is not a lot of money to spend if you're
looking at a $1,000 repair down the road." Honda Care is
offered to both new and Honda Certified Used Car customers
and about 45 percent purchase it. Most customers who purchase Honda Care return to the selling dealerships for service. "We sell them the first car, but the service department sells them their second, third, and fourth
cars," management says. "I get tons of compliments from our customers about our service." The dealership has made Honda Care a consistent part of its customer-loyalty process. "They've always been one of my most successful dealerships in selling Honda Care," Karstens says. "They utilize a menu process to ensure that it's offered every time, and they don't try to mark up the price. If you overcharge, you will not be successful in selling the product." A People Business
Although Economy Honda has a very detailed process playbook, the General Manager feels that his dedicated employees are the true secret to its success.

"I give all the credit to the associates in the dealership,"
managment says. "We focus a lot on our associates' satisfaction.
Customers can tell if people are unhappy and stressed, or
happy and confident. They really appreciate coming back to
buy another car and doing business with the same salesperson and the same manager." With the VIP treatment they experience at Economy Honda Superstore